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HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) is always at your service for any type of maintenance, inspection or installation services, whenever you need them. We have been servicing the Toronto area since 1987, and our technicians are some of the most experienced in the GTA. They continuously receive training in the latest installation techniques, and are always up-to-date on the latest equipment and technology.

One of the most important things HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) prides itself on is our ability to save our customers money. Our loyal customers rely on us to service their furnaces year after year, and to let them know if anything needs adjusting or replacing. We will never attempt to sell you something you don't need, nor will we ignore any problems if they need addressing.

HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) installs and maintains only the finest and most reputable brands of home heating equipment. There is never a good time for your furnace to break down, especially in the middle of winter. In case the worst does happen, you can take temporary comfort in the fact that we are available for emergency service calls 24/7, and we will always do our best to repair the problem as quickly as we can. We help our customers make smart choices that will save them money, rather than waste it. If your furnace needs replacing, we will tell you; if it can be repaired and still work efficiently, we will repair it. There are never any hidden fees or service charges; HEFT will never attempt to sell you anything you don't need. All our workmanship and services are backed by our comprehensive warranty, and is guaranteed for the life of your furnace.

HEFT Cares

At HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto), our number one priority is your warmth and comfort. Our reputation throughout the GTA is one of quality, service and complete customer satisfaction.


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Count on HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) for everything from routine maintenance to repairs, and everything else you and your family need to stay warm this winter.

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