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HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) helps homeowners throughout the GTA keep the chill out of their homes all winter long. Our goal is to keep your home cozy and warm, while keeping your heating bills as low as possible.

Our basic services include yearly maintenance and cleaning of your furnace, in addition to taking care of all repairs and replacing any parts when needed.

If you've reached the point where replacing your furnace is necessary, we make it as simple and cost-effective as possible. First, we perform an inspection of your home to determine what your heating needs are. Then we inform you of what can be repaired or replaced, or if a new furnace is absolutely necessary. In the event that you need installation of a new furnace, HEFT's technicians will recommend the best model for your home and your family's needs. Today, furnaces are manufactured for the highest possible efficiency, so if your old furnace needs to be replaced, a new furnace will end up saving you money in the long term, because it will likely be much more energy efficient than your previous one.

At HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto), we do everything possible to make your replacement furnace affordable. We devise a price quote tailored to your needs and offer financing options that will make it easy for you to afford your new furnace. Once the pricing terms are agreed to, we perform the installation of your new furnace as soon as possible. HEFT does not contract out installations; the same knowledgeable technicians who maintain and repair our furnaces are the same technicians who install new furnaces. Our goal is too keep our prices as affordable as possible, while giving all our customers the highest quality customer service anywhere in Toronto and the GTA.

HEFT customer satisfaction

HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) stands behind every new furnace we sell. If you are not satisfied with any phase of the installation process, let us know. We aim for nothing short of total customer satisfaction.


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Count on HEFT (High Efficiency Furnace Toronto) for everything from routine maintenance to repairs, and everything else you and your family need to stay warm this winter.

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